How Reliable Is the Information on the Internet and How to Find Out Trusted Sources


We use the internet everyday to conduct research about the product or service we are looking to buy, information to include into articles or books or news articles. So, finding trustworthy information is necessary. This is critical for a few reasons, first, you need to be sure that the information you are using is based on facts and not opinion. Second, as your readers place their trust in your ability to gauge a reliable source and third, using legitimate sources, you protect your reputation as a writer. However, finding reliable information on the internet can be a challenge with so much information and websites being ranked higher by SEO services in Melbourne.

Do not worry, we are here to help you. Here are some tips to find trusted sources.

Check the author/publisher credentials

When you are reading an article or looking at a website to get reliable information, check the authors or publishers credentials. A credible source on the internet would have a known author or publisher. This will give you the idea about the primary source of the information. The most resource will have contact details of the author or publisher to help them get clarification about the content published.

Look at statistics

If the information you need be based on statistics and there is none on the article you are reading, then you should turn around. However, not all topics need to rely on data, but articles with too many generic ideas and no tangible examples should not be taken into consideration. You can also go and look at yourself for the data that you need and see if it matches what the author is saying. If not, ignore it.

Look for sites with expertise

You wouldn’t go to a hospital to get your car repaired and you wouldn’t go to the car mechanic if you broke your leg. Similarly, if you want to get a review of a company, you need to look for websites that specialise in that such as Glassdoor or LinkedIn. Here you will get the exact information you are looking for. Simply put, you need to look for websites that specialise in the kind of information you are seeking.

Look at the presentation

Websites that value the information they are providing will put time and effort into ensuring that is presented effectively. This means that websites that have reliable information usually look good, have easy navigation, the colour scheme is accurate and the content is free of grammatical errors and no spelling mistakes. All these make a website credible.

The above-mentioned are just a few of the ways to find out whether the sources are credible or not.