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I Train intend to furnish its readers with the best and latest information about the unique, off-beat and undiscovered travel destinations across the globe along with keeping them well informed about the popular tourist spots. Here you will discover tips on how to plan the most cost effective and time effective itinerary. Through our engaging and entertaining blogs, we provide knowledge about the all the accommodation and dining options, places of interest and things to do in your favourite holiday destinations. However, when travelling you need proper navigation to reach the exact location. I Train help you in providing the geographic information, as well as route planning, online maps and news on maps.

Whether you planning to go for a cruise, a random backpacking getaway, island escape, weekend trip, or a world tour, I Train will be there to guide you through. We are here to change the way people move around cities and explore the world. We also provide destination guides that will enrich you with recommendations that will help you get the best out of your holiday. The team of writers here is comprised of travel experts and well-informed bloggers who write with the core objective of making your travel better without straining your budget.

I Train bring forth thoroughly compiled travelogues to various known and unknown destinations, along with inspiring and insightful feature blogs on the unconventional travel trends, the most interesting experiences and entertaining nightlife.

What sets I Train apart from other travel blogs is that every destination, eatery, nightclub or landmark mentioned here has been individually visited by the guest columnists. They personally experience each and every aspect of a particular destination by staying in budget hotels, travelling by public transport, and eating at roadside cafes. That enables them to evaluate all the ways in which you can save money while touring without compromising your comfort or health.